15 11 / 2012

Issues with “Pepper” flash player on Chrome

Our users reported to us some issues with the Deejay Console after upgrading to the latest versions of Google Chrome, both on Windows and Mac.

After some investigation we’ve discovered that the Google Chrome and the Flash player team has released, enabled by default, a new version of the flash player called “Pepper”.

This release is supposed to be more secure, but in this early stage is a little bit bugged, both on newer and older versions of both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX. If you’re experiencing some problems with the Deejay Console, expecially performance-related problems (slow loading time, screen freeze or computer slowed down) or microphone quality problems (choppy or robotic voice), you can try this workaround to understand if your problem can be related to the “Pepper” flash player.


In Chrome address bar type


and press enter. This will open a browser window containing informations about ALL plugins installed in Google Chrome. Click on “Details” in the upper right corner to see all details about every installed plugin.

Under the “Flash” group there can be 2 or 3 elements, and if you can find one of these elments with the filename “pepflashplayer.dll” (on Windows) or “PepperFlashPlayer.plugin” (on Mac), click on the “Disable” hyperlink and restart Google Chrome to apply modifications.

This workaround disable the new “Pepper” Flash player, and let your browser use the same stable version you used to run before updating Google Chome.


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