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20 December 2017

08:50 CET

Planned database maintenance

As previously announced, we’re currently running a maintenance on our primary database. The maintenance is expected to last about 10 minutes. We’ll keep this page updated during the maintenance window.

UPDATE at 08:00 UTC: maintenance has started.

UPDATE at 08:01 UTC: maintenance has been completed. The service has been unavailable for 126 seconds, from 07:59:05 to 08:01:11 UTC.

18 December 2017

08:00 CET

Planned database maintenance

Wednesday, December 20th at 8:00 UTC, Spreaker will be subject to maintenance for up to 10 minutes to migrate one of our database servers. We’ll keep this page updated during the maintenance window.

20 October 2017

09:48 CEST

Spreaker maintenance

Today, October 20th at 8:10 UTC, Spreaker will do a maintenance on the database. Some services - including newsfeed and episodes comments - could experience a short downtime (approx. 5 minutes). More information will be posted here.

UPDATE at 08:21 UTC: the maintenance work has been completed. Few services - including newsfeed and episodes comments - have been unavailable for 6 minutes. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The system now is fully operational.

19 October 2017

09:50 CEST

Spreaker maintenance

Today, October 19th at 8:00 UTC, Spreaker will do a maintenance on the caching system. This maintenance should not affect the service.

UPDATE at 08:28 UTC: migration completed. No downtime.

15 December 2016

03:10 CET

Majour outage

Issue started at 01:20 UTC: we’re currently experience a major outage due to networking issues on AWS eu-west-1 region, our major data center. We’re currently working to mitigate the issue. Updates will be posted here.

Update at 02:28 UTC: AWS has confirmed an internal DNS issue and is currently working to fix it. We’re trying to mitigate the issue, skipping DNS resolution as much as possible, but unfortunately we’re unable to mitigate access to AWS services itself (ie. file storage on AWS S3).

Update at 02:56 UTC: we’ve mitigated most of issues, skipping AWS DNS usage on most of our services. Minor outages could still occur on secondary services (ie. RSS Feed synching). We’re working to fix secondary services as well.

Update at 03:05 UTC: AWS continues working through DNS resolution issues in the eu-west-1 region. DNS resolution for public endpoints from the Internet are operating normally, while they are still fixing internal DNS resolution. Spreaker is currently operating normally, thanks both to the on-going resolution on AWS and the mitigation we’ve applied.

Resolved at 03:31 UTC: AWS confirmed the fix and we’ve rolled back our mitigation. The full service should now operate successfully. We’re really sorry for the troubles you experienced due to this outage.

01 September 2016

01:40 CEST

Spreaker website down

On August 31st, between 23:20 and 23:40 UTC (20 minutes) Spreaker website and API have been down, due to a network outage in the AWS data center affecting our primary database.

We’re very sorry for the service interruption and we’ve worked hard to quickly repristinate it. The down has lasted 20 minutes, while some minor slow downs have been noticed in the following hour, while we’re completing the operations.

12 July 2016

09:00 CEST

Planned database maintenance

July 12th - Announcement

Tomorrow, July 13th at 7:00 UTC (9 AM CEST, July 13th at 12 AM Pacific Time), Spreaker will be subject to maintenance for up to 15 minutes to migrate one of our database servers. This is required to avoid downtime or services disruption in the upcoming days.

While our core services will keep working without issues, you might still experience short and temporary disruptions.

UPDATE at 7.30 AM UTC: Maintenance successfully completed

07 July 2016

16:30 CEST

Spreaker website down

Today, between 05:19 and 05:21 UTC (3 minutes) and between 12:19 and 12:29 UTC (10 minutes) Spreaker website has been down due to a issue with one of our slave databases.

The host running our primary slave database got an issue, causing the database server being unreachable. Despite a down of a slave server should not affect our service, we’ve found an edge case that cause database connections to get stuck and thus Spreaker webservers requests as well.

We’re currently working to:

  • Migrate the slave database to a new host (completed)
  • Investigate how to avoid this issue in the next future (in progress)

26 April 2016

08:00 CEST

Spreaker under maintenance

April 26th - Announcement

Tomorrow, April 27th at 6:00 UTC (8 AM CEST, April 26th at 10 PM Pacific Time), Spreaker will be in maintenance mode for up to 15 minutes to upgrade our database servers.

We’ll both increase the server CPU and SDD drives throughput in order to better handle increasing traffic.

April 27th - Maintenance

UPDATE at 6.00 AM UTC: Spreaker is going to be under maintenance for up to 15 minutes.

UPDATE at 6.15 AM UTC: maintenance has been completed and Spreaker is now fully working. Maintenance lasted 8 minutes. We’re now monitoring the system and running some secondary operations that will last few more hours, without affecting the service.

UPDATE at 6.47 AM UTC: most of the secondary operations have been completed. We’ll keep going on monitoring system health and performances. No more updates will be published, until the system works as expected. Thank you for your patience.

25 April 2016

21:50 CEST

High Load

We’re currently experiencing an huge load on the platform, that’s affecting many services. We’re investigating it and keep you posted here.

UPDATE at 20.25 UTC: Spreaker has received an expected high volume traffic from Egypt. Despite our system is designed to automatically scale and absorb such traffic, it actually lead to a performance issue in our primary database cluster. As a temporary solution, we had to block some of such traffic in order to restore the service in other countries. The service is now operating normally in US and Europe, while still investigating the root cause of the performance issue we got on our databases.

UPDATE at 21:06 UTC: we’ve found the root cause of the performance issue on the primary database cluster and we’re already rolled out an hot patch to avoid the same issue in the near future. We’ll continue our investigation and we’ll likely schedule a maintenance window to upgrade our database servers to faster servers, in order to better absord high-load peaks.

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