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05 April 2014

10:51 CEST

Issues with tube.us-east.spreaker.com

Tonight we had an issue on our Tube server tube.us-east.spreaker.com - due to an high load the server exhausted all the memory and the Tube service in us-east region failed intermittently. We’ve worked to bring it back as soon as possible, and now the service is running normally.

We’re really sorry for that and we’ll work to make more robust and avoid such issues in the future. To be totally transparent with you, let me outline some actions we’ll take:

  • Analyze memory consumption and optimize it as much as possible
  • Migrate Tube services to servers with more RAM capacity
  • Introduce a way to auto-recover from such issues, instead of waiting for a manual intervention (despite we’ll try to avoid such issues at all)
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