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17 November 2015

15:30 CET

Networking issues

We’re currently having some networking issues in our primary datacenter run by AWS.

UPDATE at 15:00 UTC: networking issues still ongoing, but should affect a small number of users. We’re monitoring networking connectivity from multiple locations and the issue’s impact is currently reducing over time.

UPDATE at 15:15 UTC: AWS just reported that’s “investigating elevated packet loss between some Internet destinations and the EU-WEST-1 Region”.

UPDATE at 15.36 UTC: An external facility providing some connectivity to the AWS EU-WEST-1 Region has experienced power loss. AWS is currently working with the service provider to mitigate impact and restore power.

UPDATE at 16:23 UTC: AWS recovered power in the impacted facility and is continuing to investigate and resolve intermittent packet loss and latency between some Internet destinations and the EU-WEST-1 Region.

RESOLVED at 16:30 UTC: AWS confirmed the issue has been solved.

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