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25 April 2016

21:50 CEST

High Load

We’re currently experiencing an huge load on the platform, that’s affecting many services. We’re investigating it and keep you posted here.

UPDATE at 20.25 UTC: Spreaker has received an expected high volume traffic from Egypt. Despite our system is designed to automatically scale and absorb such traffic, it actually lead to a performance issue in our primary database cluster. As a temporary solution, we had to block some of such traffic in order to restore the service in other countries. The service is now operating normally in US and Europe, while still investigating the root cause of the performance issue we got on our databases.

UPDATE at 21:06 UTC: we’ve found the root cause of the performance issue on the primary database cluster and we’re already rolled out an hot patch to avoid the same issue in the near future. We’ll continue our investigation and we’ll likely schedule a maintenance window to upgrade our database servers to faster servers, in order to better absord high-load peaks.

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