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15 December 2016

03:10 CET

Majour outage

Issue started at 01:20 UTC: we’re currently experience a major outage due to networking issues on AWS eu-west-1 region, our major data center. We’re currently working to mitigate the issue. Updates will be posted here.

Update at 02:28 UTC: AWS has confirmed an internal DNS issue and is currently working to fix it. We’re trying to mitigate the issue, skipping DNS resolution as much as possible, but unfortunately we’re unable to mitigate access to AWS services itself (ie. file storage on AWS S3).

Update at 02:56 UTC: we’ve mitigated most of issues, skipping AWS DNS usage on most of our services. Minor outages could still occur on secondary services (ie. RSS Feed synching). We’re working to fix secondary services as well.

Update at 03:05 UTC: AWS continues working through DNS resolution issues in the eu-west-1 region. DNS resolution for public endpoints from the Internet are operating normally, while they are still fixing internal DNS resolution. Spreaker is currently operating normally, thanks both to the on-going resolution on AWS and the mitigation we’ve applied.

Resolved at 03:31 UTC: AWS confirmed the fix and we’ve rolled back our mitigation. The full service should now operate successfully. We’re really sorry for the troubles you experienced due to this outage.

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