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07 June 2014

04:00 CEST

Networking issues

Issue opened at 1:40 UTC

We’re experiencing networking issues. The issue The issue looks related internal our provider (Amazon Web Services - also confirmed by many other customers) and we’ve already alerted them. We’re waiting for a fix.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update at 2.10 UTC

The issue has been confirmed by AWS and engineers are working on that.


As a side node, the chart below looks how the networking issues affected Spreaker users. Looks that **about 30% **of users are affected.


Update at 2.15 UTC

Many users are reporting that networking issues have been fixed now, but still didn’t receive any official bulletin from AWS.

Resolved at 2.28 UTC

AWS confirms the issue has been fixed.

19 May 2014

22:42 CEST

Networking issues from/to US

We’re currently experiencing some networking issues from / to US. Spreaker web servers are currently hosted at AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centers in Europe, and there’re some networking failures between AWS Europe and some US nodes.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE at 21.12 UTC

Networking issues are caused by a truncated Trans-Atlantic link. Telia advised they’re working to resolve a major network issue.

Despite other cloud providers, AWS didn’t disclosure any action yet to route the network traffic through other network providers, so some of you may still experience networking issues.

UPDATE at 21.53 UTC

The following map from Akamai shows the affected area.


UPDATE at 22.06 UTC

According to DigitalOcean, Telia has repaired their issue.

08 May 2014

13:50 CEST

Issue: high failure rate

We’re experiencing an high failure rate on our API. We’re investing it. More updates will be published here.

UPDATE: the issue was caused by an high load on our RabbitMQ servers (we currently have 2 masters). This caused a chain effect that led to a temporary service failure in our API. Since most of our applications (both web and mobile) are based upon our API, most of you were unable to use Spreaker. We’re really sorry for that and we’ve already planned some improvements for the next week, in order to avoid such issue again.

23 April 2014

09:30 CEST

Spreaker API: removed XML/JSONP support

Dear developers,

as you may know, 2 years ago we deprecated XML and JSONP support, keeping JSON as the only officially supported format.

In the last 30 days we finally didn’t get any request with XML and JSONP response formats, so today we completely removed its support. You should notice no difference, since all of you are now using JSON.

Thanks for your help to make it happen!

02:34 CEST

Notes about Spreaker down

Spreaker website and API have been unreachable for 40 minutes, from 22:19 UTC to 22:58 UTC, due to networking issues in Amazon EU-west-1 datacenter where we currently run most of our servers.

As soon as the issue occurred, we immediately started to migrate all affected servers to new ones, in order to quickly recover the service.

At the time of writing, Amazon is still investigating the issue (see screenshot below), but all remaining Spreaker servers currently look unaffected.


We’re really sorry for the trouble.

01:05 CEST

UPDATE: Spreaker is back

Spreaker web site and API are now online. We’re still checking all services, then we’ll start investigate the issue and will post more details.

00:59 CEST

UPDATE: Spreaker still down

The failure affected more servers then initially detected. We’re working to bring everything back asap.

00:23 CEST

Spreaker is currently unavailable

We’ve detected an issue on one of our primary databases and Spreaker is currently unavailable. We’re working to bring it back asap.

05 April 2014

10:51 CEST

Issues with tube.us-east.spreaker.com

Tonight we had an issue on our Tube server tube.us-east.spreaker.com - due to an high load the server exhausted all the memory and the Tube service in us-east region failed intermittently. We’ve worked to bring it back as soon as possible, and now the service is running normally.

We’re really sorry for that and we’ll work to make more robust and avoid such issues in the future. To be totally transparent with you, let me outline some actions we’ll take:

  • Analyze memory consumption and optimize it as much as possible
  • Migrate Tube services to servers with more RAM capacity
  • Introduce a way to auto-recover from such issues, instead of waiting for a manual intervention (despite we’ll try to avoid such issues at all)

03 April 2014

08:35 CEST

Chat service interruption

The Spreaker Chat service has been unavailable for about 3 hours. We had a severe issue in the datacenter where the chat is running and we’ve worked hard to bring it back as soon as possible. We’ve immediately migrated the servers to another provider and the chat service is now working again.

We’re really sorry for the service disruption.

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